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Step 2: Examine Your Computer Case

<< Step 1: Parts List
>> Step 3: CPU/Processor

To start, open up your case's box, take out the case, and remove the cover. You will probably need to twist a couple of thumbscrews, or unscrew a few actual screws (all depending on your case). Once the case is opened, note where the hard drive bays are, where your CD/DVD drive will go, the location of your PC power supply, etc. You should also see a bag of screws and other assorted hardware--grab that and set it aside. You will need it during the next step.

Take a look below at a typical computer case. Note the labeled components--these will be referred to during the assembly process:

This is the Cooler Master CM-350 icon computer case. It is the case I've chosen to include as the enclosure for my bargain PC build. Cooler Master makes higher-end models for those whose needs are greater. The biggest drawback to this particular case is that it does not include any USB 3.0 conectors on the front panel. However, this isn't a deal breaker since you can purchase a motherboard with rear facing USB 3.0 connectors.

To view more computer case options, go here icon.

To view Barebones kits (Case, Motherboard, CPU combos), go here icon.

icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon

Cooler Master CM-350 icon Specifications
Model RC-350-KKN1 (without PSU)
RC-350-KKR400 (with 400W PSU)
RC-350-KKR500-GP (with 500W PSU)
Available Color Black
Dimension (W) 180 x (H) 408 x (D) 454 mm
(W) 7.08 x (H) 16.06 x (D) 17.87 inches
Weight Net Weight: 4.7 kg/ 10.36 lbs
Gross Weight: 5.4 kg / 11.90 lbs
Material Steel body , ABS plastic front bezel
Motherboards ATX / m-ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 4 Exposed
3.5" Drive Bay 6 Hidden
1 Exposed
I/O Panel USB 2.0 x 2 , Spk x 1 , Audio x 1 , IEEE 1394a x 1 (optional)
Cooling System Front: 120 x 25 mm fan x 1 (optional)
Rear: 120 x 25 mm fan x 1 / 1200 RPM / 17 dBA (pre-install) ; 80 / 90mm x 1 (optional)
Expansion Slots 7
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V
UPC Code RC-350-KKN1 (without PSU) - 884102009822
RC-350-KKR400 (with 400W PSU) - 884102007125
RC-350-KKR500-GP (with 500W PSU) - 884102007132

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